Feel the presence of Divine Mother
Jai Chehar Maa. Navigate using the links provided on the left hand side of the browser and discover the power of Chehar Maa. The navigation is divided into different aspects that pertain to our Beloved Mother. The first link 'Story of Chehar Maa' talks about how the Mother incarnated. The beautiful story of Mother will make you full of devotion and love. The second link 'Wav Wali Chehar Maa' talks about the presence and the temple of Mother in Village Wav of Gujarat. It is with due inspiration and permission of Wav Wali Chehar Maa, that this website is launched. The next section 'Praying Mother' talks about the method adopted and followed for praying Chehar Maa, which is followed by the 'Sukhadi-Prasadam' link, giving you details about the sweet prsad called Sukhadi that is being offered to the Mother during Prayer. The last link 'Martoli' talks about the main temple of Chehar Maa in the Village Martoli of Gujarat. If you want to get back to the home page, simple click the link 'Home'......|| Jai Chehar Maa ||


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