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Chehar Maa's main temple is in Martoli. Its a small Village close to Mehasana, Gujarat, India. It's a very sacred, very beautiful and famous spritual place. A large number of Chehar Maa devotees visit this place every day.

Chehar Maa of Martoli

The temple is sanctified with the 900 year old sacred tree where the mother transformed into the Sukshma Sharira. A beautiful silver carving of the mother is also placed under this tree.

Sacred Tree

Silver Carving of Mother

The temple management has made a beautiful building to house the visitors. This multi story building is provided with a big Bhojanalay (Canteen) where the devotees can have a very delicious and light food at a very nominal rate.

Bhojanalay and Housing for Devotees


Martoli is about 100kms from Ahmedabad. To reach here direct bus service is available from State Transport Gujarat. The other option is to reach Mehasana first (around 70kms from Ahmedabad). The stop where one should get down is 'Modhera Cross Road / ONGC Char-rasta'. From here frequent jeeps and local buses are available till Becharaji (Another sacred place). One should get down to a village known as 'Nadasa', around 20kms from the Modhera Cross Roads. One can easily find 3-wheelers to Martoli Temple which is around 3kms from Nadasa Village. Martoli comes before Rantej Jain Temple which is around 8 kms from 'Nadasa' Village.

Ahmedabad to Matroli


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