Feel the presence of Divine Mother


Shri. Navin Chandraji praying to Mother

The prayer of Chehar Maa is very simple and can be performed by any devotee. The prayer is performed with pure body and mind. The best time is early morning and evening by lighting a lamp (Called Adhi Watno divo). This is followed by bowing to her and devoting yourself to her.

One should perform chanting of sacred mantra (given below) for 1 to 3 times with a special Mala (108 beads). The devotee should offer flowers to her. Clothes of black colours are not permitted during prayer. Every Sudh-Pancham, Mother is offered Sukhadi-Prasadam. Panchami is known to be as the incarnation day of the mother and special pooja (rituals) are performed on this day.

Sacred Mantra

|| Jai Keshar Bhavani Maa ||

|| Jai Wav Wali Chehar Maa ||

|| Aum Rhim Klim Keshar Bhavani Mataye Namh ||

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