Feel the presence of Divine Mother

Chehar Maa incarnated about 1000years ago in the Village ‘Haladi’ (Now part of Pakistan) in the bushing of Keshuda (Saffron).

She was cared and brought up by a King of Rathod Dynasty. As such she does not belong to any known dynasty. She was married into the Vaghela family, in a place called ‘Terwad’. Her husband expired soon after her marriage. Blaming her responsible for this, her in-laws started ill treating her in different ways. Chehar Maa was a devotee of Baba Augardhnath (From the powerful Nath Sampradaya) whose hermitage was nearby. Augardhnath Baba had spent and devoted a lot of time on her spiritual training and made her an expert in all the spiritual and Tantrik arts. Sometimes later Augardhnath Baba left the place and following this Chehar Maa also left the village Terwad. From here mother went to Martoli (Place near Mehasana, Gujarat) and started living there. People started gaining lots of benefits by even chanting her name. Maa used to bless and fulfill the wishes of everyone.

Chehar Maa is the treasure of beauty and she does 3 transitions in her form daily. Maa shows here presence either in the form of a little girl or else in the form of a mother (old lady).

She fulfills the desires of those devotees who pray her from the deepest roots of their hearts and who are ready to take resolve (Manyata) for that wish.

Mother supports the truth and stops falsehood. She is straightforward with straight.

Chehar Maa is an incarnation of Maa Chamunda. Only the good karmas of the devotee make the mother to come upon in her form.

Chehar Maa is holding 52 brave men (called Veer) and she always keep them with her. Based on the need, she brings forth the veer as and when required.

Chehar Maa believes in the power of ‘Yantra’. She becomes apparent quickly when called using a Yantra.

Mother is also known as ‘Bhavani’ (‘Bhav’ in Sanskrit means the world of Maya or delusion) as she takes out her devotee who is suffering from the problems created by delusion.

Based on her wish, she can know anything about anyone and can travel anywhere. Maa blesses and bestows her love to those who prays her from the purest heart. She brings success in the work of those who remember and chant her name with belief.

Chehar Maa owns all the power (Siddhi’s) what Guru Gorakhnath Baba own. Mother is an expert of Apara (Ananata) art.

Mother wants to bring harmony and goodness among all.

As she was incarnated in the bushing of Keshuda (Saffron) she is also popularly known as ‘Keshar Bhavani Maa’.

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