Feel the presence of Divine Mother


Temple of Wav Wali Chehar Maa

In December 2004, Mother appeared (through Yantra) in Village Wav Wav of District Banaskatha, Gujarat, India. Since then she is famous as the Wav Wali Keshar Bhavani Maa (The Keshar Bhavani Mother of Wav). Mother expresses the truth through a special spritual instrument called Yantra. Shri. Navin Chandra Trivedi, who is a deep devotee of Mother and spritual practiconer of Yantra, mediates between the devotee and the Mother.

Chehar Maa identifies a person through his mind even before the talk really starts. For a selfish approach, Mother straight away orders Shri. Navin Chandraji to stop the conversation.

A beautiful temple of Chehar Maa is built and inaugurated (Pran Pratishthan) in the Village Wav on 23rd of March 2007. Seeing the increasing number of devotees, a special sitting place is also made along with the temple.

Yagya during the inaugration of Temple at Wav

Shri. Navin Chandji performing Pooja in the Sitting Room

The land of Wav has been blessed and sanctified by the presence of Mother. Come, surrender all our sorrows in the divine feets of mother. You are most welcome in the village Wav....Discover and Feel the presence of Divine Mother.

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